ATM that accepts VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX is conveniently located outside the departure hall of the terminal.

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
MaldivianQ210621 January 20201800MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ211222 January 20200050MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ211422 January 20200740MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210222 January 20201230MLE/FVM/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210422 January 20201500MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210622 January 20201850MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Destination Aircraft Desk Status
MaldivianQ210621 January 20201820GAN/KDM/MLEDH85Check-In Open
MaldivianQ211322 January 20200510GAN/KDO/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ211422 January 20200800GAN/GKK/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210222 January 20201250GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210522 January 20201525GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210722 January 20201910GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled