As encouraged by the Corporate Governance Code of Maldives, the company is working continuously to comply with the code by establishing measures to optimize performance, accountability and transparency.The company currently comprising of the Board of Directors, Managing Director (MD), Senior Management Team and the Production Team are organized to form a decentralized model with managers for various organizational units reporting to the  Managing Director.

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
Maldivian Q221081 August 20210030MLE/GAN DH82Landed at 0043
Maldivian Q221001 August 20210840MLE/GAN DH82Landed at 0842
Maldivian Q221021 August 20211330MLE/GAN DH82Landed at 1406
Maldivian Q221041 August 20211530MLE/GAN DH82Landed at 1532
Maldivian Q21061 August 20212015MLE/GAN DH82As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Destination Aircraft Desk Status
Maldivian Q221091 August 20210455GAN/GKK/MLE DH85Departed at 0457
Maldivian Q221001 August 20210910GAN/GKK/MLE DH85Departed at 0909
Maldivian Q221031 August 20211350GAN/MLE DH85Departed at 1435
Maldivian Q221051 August 20211600GAN/MLE DH85Departed at 1559
Maldivian Q21071 August 20212040GAN/MLE DH85Check-in Open