The foundation of the company’s vision and mission statements are built on our core values. They are

  • Investing in  a dedicated workforce,
  • Ensuring safety and providing effective processes,
  • Excellence in services,
  • open communications and building positive relationships,
  • Providing the local community with an air transport and aviation node
  • Integrity, accountability and respect
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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
Maldivian Q21127 December 20210040MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0059
Maldivian Q221107 December 20210940MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0943
Maldivian Q21007 December 20211350MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
Maldivian Q21047 December 20211720MLE/FVM/GANDH82As Scheduled
Maldivian Q21167 December 20212055MLE/GKK/GANDH82As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
Maldivian Q21137 December 20210410GAN//KDM/MLEDH85As Scheduled
Maldivian Q221117 December 20211055GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
Maldivian Q21017 December 20211420GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
Maldivian Q21047 December 20211755GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
Maldivian Q21167 December 20212115GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled